At Hey! Cafe, we do things a little differently.

Roasting has enabled us to explore the coffees of the world and roast each of them optimally to bring out the complex aromas and tastes of each origin. The results have been stunning, and our neighbors have been very pleased.

At Hey! Cafe, we don’t just ‘dial in’ a roast, we monitor and engage the roast from start to completion. Fully manual controls alongside our temperature profiling system are the perfect combination of craft and consistency.

We love what we do.

Not only does our small batch size allow for a more adventurous exploration of coffee origins, the process itself enables faster bean heating during the rapid development phase of coffee after first crack, and then near-immediate bean cooling after the roast. Bullseye!

Our staff who roast the coffee for Hey! Cafe, also serve the coffee at Hey! Cafe. So when you drop in for coffee, a tremedous coffee geek will be serving you.

Looking forward to meeting you / seeing you again!